Public Service Domains

The service tests whether an email address belongs to a domain related to a public service organization.

Syntax /svc/2.0/address/publicservicedomain/<address>
Example /svc/2.0/address/publicservicedomain/
Parameter An ASCII email address as last part of the URL




{"infoIds": [5000], "result": 1}
  • result: the evaluation result
    • 0: not a public service domain
    • 50: probably a public service domain
    • 100: a public service domain
  • infoIds: if result > 0, this element contains IDs for looking up more information about a public service resource.

Information about a public service resource

The public service info API call returns information about public service organization resources.

Syntax /svc/2.0/info/publicservicedomain/<id>
Example /svc/2.0/info/publicservicedomain/5335
Parameter An ID (number) as the last part of the URL


<addressCity>München, Landeshauptstadt</addressCity> 
<description>Kreisfreie Stadt</description> 
<orgName>München, Landeshauptstadt</orgName> 


"addressCity":"München, Landeshauptstadt", 
"description":"Kreisfreie Stadt", 
"orgName":"München, Landeshauptstadt" 

The result document address data and descriptions for the public service resources.


If no data is available for an ID the server will signal this with HTTP response code 204 (No Content) and return no result (null).