Logging and Billing

validmail logs every access to the public APIs as a business event. Every API call is stored with the following data:

  • start of API call (timestamp)
  • end of API call (timestamp)
  • the callers IP address
  • the account (user name) used; for free services this is noprincipal
  • the ID of the API called; see the service descriptions for these IDs
  • input data for the API call
  • the result of the API call; very long results (>256 bytes) will be shortened

This data serves three major purposes:

  1. provides the basis for billing
  2. helps with customer complaints; the input and result data can be used to verify customer complaints
  3. enables usage reporting and forecasts

The system includes no mechanism for billing or reporting, it just provides the data for these activities. Therefore the business event storage is only a transitory storage. It is expected that the business events are extracted regularily and processed elsewhere.