IWT Domains (ISP, Webmailer and Telecom Domains)

The IWT check tests whether an address belongs to a domain of an ISP, a Webmail or a Telecom provider.

Syntax /svc/2.0/address/iwt/<address>
Example /svc/2.0/address/iwt/foo@bar.com
Parameter An ASCII email address as last part of the URL




{"infoId": "bar.com", "result": 1}

The result details are:

  • result: the evaluation result
    • 0: the domain doesnt belong to known IWT provider
    • 1: the domain belongs to known IWT provider
  • infoId: if the result == 1, this contains the ID for looking up more information about a IWT resource


If it matches a positive result is returned, which includes the ID for info lookup.

Information about a IWT resource

The IWT info API call returns information about various IWT resources, describing their market orientation and languages used.

Syntax /svc/2.0/info/iwt/<ID>
Example /svc/2.0/info/iwt/bar.com
Parameter An info ID (domain name) as last part of the URL


<owner>Webmailer Corp.</owner> 


"id": "bar.com", 
"owner": "Webmailer Corp.", 
"country“: "USA“, 

The result document contains:

  • id: the ID of the resource, the domain name
  • owner: the name of the owning entity, provider
  • country: country name of the provider HQ
  • orientation: market orientation
    • 0: unknown
    • 1: national
    • 2: international
  • languages: if the orientation is national (1) this field can contain 1-3 language codes (ISO 639-1/2) describing the languages used in that national market


If successful (response code 200) the service will return a document with information about the requested IWT resource. If no data is available for an ID the server will signal this with HTTP response code 204 (No Content) and return no result (null).