Education Domains

Education domain check

The service tests whether an email address belongs to a domain related to an educational institution.

Syntax /svc/2.0/address/educationdomain/<address>
Example /svc/2.0/address/educationdomain/
Parameter An ASCII email address as last part of the URL




{"infoId": "", "result": 1}
  • result: the evaluation result
    • 0: no company domain found
    • 1: company domain found
  • infoId: if result == 1, this contains the ID (domain name) for looking up more information about an education domain resource.


If a match is found a positive result (1) is returned. The ID of the matching entry, the domain name, is also returned for further lookup.

Information about an education domain resource

The education info API call returns information about education resources.

Syntax /svc/2.0/info/educationdomain/<id>
Example /svc/2.0/info/educationdomain/
Parameter An ID (domain name) as the last part of the URL


<addressStreet>Dürerstraße 2011</addressStreet> 
<orgName>Evangelische Hochschule Bar</orgName> 
<orgSubtype>Theologische Hochschule</orgSubtype> 
<orgType>Fachhochschulen und Hochschulen ohne Promotionsrecht</orgType> 
<shortName>Marburg EH Bar</shortName> 
<sponsorship>privat, staatlich anerkannt</sponsorship> 


"addressStreet":"Dürerstraße 2011", 
"addressZipCode":"" "countryCode":"de", 
"domains": [""], 
"orgName":"Evangelische Hochschule", 
"orgType":"Fachhochschulen und Hochschulen ohne Promotionsrecht", 
"orgSubtype":"Theologische Hochschule", 
"shortName":"Marburg EH Bar", 
"sponsorship":"privat, staatlich anerkannt", 

The result document can contain multiple domains that act as IDs for that institution. The document further provides address and other self-explanatory data about the educational organization.


If no data is available for an ID the server will signal this with HTTP response code 204 (No Content) and return no result (null).